We believe a rising tide raises all ships...

at goins sweitzer,

... and vehicles, and bike/ped, and transit, and ferries, and our communities.

These values are at the center of our field-focused, employee-centric culture. 
And we believe they're foundational to rising the tide in construction management and CEI services, for both our clients and our employees.

Founded in 2023, Goins Sweitzer is a transportation-focused consulting firm offering construction management solutions with a commitment to relationships, quality, and
continuous growth and improvement. 

As a transportation-focused firm, we proudly provide construction management solutions our clients’ infrastructure project needs through the delivery of responsive, high-quality construction and engineering inspection, contract administration, construction materials management, risk assessment, and specialized program management consulting services.

With experience in traditional and alternative delivery methods on municipal, state, and federal government projects, the Goins Sweitzer team combines proven experience with an unparalleled commitment to our clients and team members.  

We value relationships, quality, and continuous growth and improvement.

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From cutting-edge technology to skillset growth opportunities for our team members, we are committed to raising the tide of the CM/CEI experience.

Continuous Growth and Improvement

Quality construction, deliverables, and interactions propel the Goins Sweitzer approach to doing business.


The relationships we build are just as important as the roads and bridges we construct.


Our core values